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26th AUG.2002, a collective bargaining held at park office in Ohizumi park
26.AUG 2002, A collective bargaining held at park office in Ohizumi park.park officers put this sticker with numbers for warning about our homeless comrades' tents & huts.Our paper for Ohizumi park's comrades unite to win!!26.AUG 2002, Collective bargaining at Park office in Ohizumi park.after the collective bargainingafter the collective bargaining, we reported around other comrades that live in Ohizumi park. this is a briefing.A part of our comrades tent communities in Ohizumi park. a comrade of Nagai park tent village walk.like this picture, park's officers put the sticker for eviction-warning. each of stickers subscribed a number by officers. we have seen same situations in Nagai park for 2 years!!this time, also, some of our homeless comrades in Ohizumi park abandoned & abolished their own tents or huts by themselves. for, officers threatened to eviction.Our paper for comrades in Ohizumi park. this is a report of 26-8-2002. La Batalo Continuos... No Pasaran!!this park office's paper said Don't mistreat any kinds of animals! No kidding. they tried to evict our homeless comrades in this park. Is this a parody for authorities or capitalism?