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Report from a park placed in osaka city


[えとき: 白鷺公園(大阪市東住吉区)の一戸の小屋。 公園事務所職員は警告文を非公式にこの小屋に貼りつけ、警告した。同事務所職員による警告文は次のようなものだった。「この場所は公共空間です。この荷物は公園管理上の支障となります。」、「20021031日までに荷物を除却されない場合、こちらで処分します。」 しかしながら、この文書は部署名も今はない部署であり、また担当者の名前も付記されていないいい加減なものだった。 運動拠点との関係が疎遠なところでは、こんなものでも十分多くの仲間たちを追い出させるのに十分なのだ。 奴らはそれを最大限利用し、多くの追い出しと撤去、いい加減な医療収容所や豚小屋放り込みに成功してきた。 それは要するに責任回避と問題の隠蔽に成功したということに他ならない。]

There is a park named HiranoShirasagi park. This park is placed in south-east of osaka city. About 2 years ago, this park had 14 tents and huts of our homeless comrades. 30 Oct 2002, there are only 4 huts now. Also here is one of the parks where our comrades were swept out by terrible city politics of osaka city and the inhabitants' emotion.


Our defeat with a "Struggle against Nagai park eviction" made it lose our comrades' places to live at many parks in the circumference area and others. Then, "struggle in Nagai park" was an important turning point of the various politics for our comrades. Most of supporters of Kamagasaki area, and professors of Osaka City University have cooperated with city authorities and its fascistic politics. Further, THEY are riding on the city's politics that have swept out homeless comrades and also THEY have been helping to destroy homeless comrades' place to live.


THEY say, "it was good for all that we made a law deal of homeless people ", "Parks were returned to the CITIZEN' s hand", "homeless people were thrown into isolated Emergency Asylums", "Most of tents and huts disappeared! "


...however, severe reality does not change at all. The unemployed people increase, and colder winter comes for all of us. Instead of choosing the way for sweeping our homeless comrades out or for throwing our homeless comrades into isolated asylums, we must try to divide our harvests equally, and we must try to create mutual aid communities. (Ex_nomado)


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